1. To protect and maintain the Asian cultural, historical and religious traditions of Dragon Boating

2. To promote and develop the sport of Dragon Boat Racing

3. To ensure that the International Regattas are governed by Rules of Racing adapted to the development of the sport of Dragon Boat Racing

4. To encourage the organization of International Regattas open to all Member Associations and their Member Clubs 

5. To establish International Championship Regattas under the titles of World Championships

6. To maintain the principles of amateurism in all competitions according to the definition of an amateur and the rules laid down in the IDBF Rules of Racing 

7. To encourage the formation of Governing Associations in countries where none exist 


The IDBF shall observe the general and fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter and IOC Manual on sport and the environment. The IDBF is committed to the following principles of service to its Members: 

  1. To support and maintain the authority and autonomy of its Members and to promote closer links between its Members

  2. To convey to other organizations the views of its Members and to co-ordinate and protect the common interests its Members. 

  3. To collaborate, on behalf of its Members, with organization having as an objective the promotion of sport and particularly those paddle sports in which the use of the single bladed paddle is paramount. The IDBF Council may offer or countenance competitive events for watercraft, of any Design, propelled by a single blade paddle.

  4. To collect, collate and circulate information form, to and among its Members and to publish an annual Calendar of IDBF sanctioned events. 


In pursuit these principles the IDBF shall maintain a general unity of action and a mutual respect for its Members in their dealings with each other. The IDBF shall not interfere with its Governing Associations, Continental and Regional Organizations, except as prescribed in Article 5 of the Statutes (Aug 10) and it shall monitor all activities which may affect the IDBF, either in part or in its entirety, as referred to in Article 5. 

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