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Competition Regulations / Edition 8 - Effective Jan 1, 2020

All the information on technical regulations (dragon boats & equipment), racing and competition classes, crews and team composition, nationality & representation, racing distances and racing course, safety, and even more.

Competition Regulation – IDBF interpretation of article CR4.3 Club Crews

On the 3rd February 2024, the IDBF Executive Committee approved the new interpretation of the Competition Regulation 4.3 as a guideline for club crews and national federations to follow leading into the next CCWC in Ravenna, Italy this year.

The purpose of the interpretation is to reduce any grey areas and, if any specific situation is not covered, members can ask the IDBF Competition & Technical Commission. The intent is to help the integrity of our members and the spirit of the “club crews” championships.

Event and Training Safety Procedures

For Event Organizers

IDBF General Safety Procedures for Dragon Boat Event Organizers

Rules for Paradragons Racing - Edition 1.3

Effective 1 January 2024

These IDBF Rules for Paradragon Racing set out the way in which Paradragon racing is to be conducted at IDBF events.

Paradragon Certificate of Diagnosis

Effective 1 January 2024

The Certificate of Diagnosis contains two parts. Part 1 – to be completed by the paddler. Part 2 – to be completed by a qualified medical practioner.