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Sep 25, 2015

The IDBF Members Congress held in Welland, Niagara, Canada on 24 August 15, saw the end of an era when Mike MacKeddie-Haslam, the current IDBF President retired after over 20 years at the Helm of the IDBF Dragon. The Statute amendment which would have enabled him to stand for a further term of office, required a two thirds majority vote of the IDBF Full Members present at the Congress.

The vote was split 10 to 10, with 2 abstentions, so was not passed. In a straight vote between candidates Mike Thomas (Gbr) and Claudio Schermi (Ita), Mike Thomas was elected by a 31 to 6 majority vote as the next IDBF President and will take office from 1 January 2016.

In other elections to the IDBF Executive and Council, Alan Van Caubergh was re-elected as IDBF Treasurer, Mel Cantwell was elected as the Chair of the Competition and Technical Commission, replacing Mike Thomas, and Rex Yi, Bob Mc Namara and Angie Ong were Media Commission, respectively.