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13th IDBF CCWC – Bulletin 4 Technical

Technical Regulations and Championship Regulations. 13th CLUB CREW WORLD BOAT RACING CHAMPIONSHIPS Sarasota, Florida, USA The information and regulations in this Bulletin are extracted from, and where necessary supplement and enhance the IDBF...

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13th IDBF CCWC – Bulletin 3

The information of Bulletin No 3 is complementary to Bulletin No 1, Bulletin No 2 and the Supplementary Information – Paradragon Bulletin. The four Bulletins together serve as complete guidance. The United States Dragon Boat Federation (USDBF) in...

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13th IDBF CCWC – Supplementary Information Paradragons

This supplementary information complements Bulletins No 1 and No 2 by providing further information about Paradragon issues. Update on race entries Paradragon forum Certificates of diagnosis Summary of key Paradragon dates Amendment to race rules...

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