IDBF President Claudio Schermi – cultural visit to World Dragon Boat City Wenzhou China

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Mar 30, 2024

NEWS RELEASE (#2024-02) 

Mr Claudio Schermi, President of IDBF cultural visit to ‘World Dragon Boat City’ Wenzhou, China

Zhang Zhenfeng (Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee), on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, welcomed the arrival of Claudio Schermi, President of the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) and his delegation. He stated that Wenzhou (中国温州) has a profound cultural heritage, a surge of entrepreneurship and innovation, an open and inclusive urban environment, and a good ecological environment. It is a city that coexists with dragon boat culture and integrates with the spirit of dragon boating. Wenzhou has a long history of dragon boat sports, complete facilities, and a solid mass foundation. It is currently striving to build itself into a “World Dragon Boat City,” contributing to the promotion of excellent traditional culture and the international development of dragon boat sports. He hoped that the IDBF could better guide Wenzhou in organizing related dragon boat events, promoting dragon boat culture, enhancing international exchanges, and promoting the implementation of mutual consensus, further promoting the internationalisation of dragon boat sports, and assisting in the construction of a “World Dragon Boat City,” allowing “Wenzhou” to showcase its unique brilliance.

Claudio Schermi thanked Wenzhou for its contributions to the development of dragon boat sports. He stated that Wenzhou’s dragon boat sport has a wide mass base and world-class venues. The IDBF will continue to deepen cooperation with Wenzhou by supporting international events and other activities to better develop dragon boat sports more quickly.

During their stay in Wenzhou, Claudio Schermi and his delegation visited the Tanghe Dragon Boat Racing History, Dragon Boat Sports Centre, Dragon Boat Museum, and Dragon Boat Academy.

He Yi, Secretary-General of the Chinese Dragon Boat Association, Wang Chengyun, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Dragon Boat Association and Chairman of the Zhejiang Province Dragon Boat Association, and city leaders Chen Yingxu and Chen Kuan attended the meeting.


Did you know?
Wenzhou is known as the “Famous Dragon Boat City in China”. Dragon boating in Wenzhou is a national sport with wide participation and great influence. Wenzhou maintains two Guinness World Records for “the largest number of participating teams” and “the largest number of participants”. The dragon boat spirit of “working together in the same boat and striving for the first” is integrated with the Wenzhou people’s spirit of “dare to be the first, especially capable of entrepreneurship and innovation”. The city also hosted dragon boat racing for the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games in 2023.



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