IDBF President Claudio Schermi – first 100 days as President

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Apr 10, 2024

NEWS RELEASE (#2024-04) 

IDBF President Claudio Schermi – first 100 days as president


Dear dragon boat paddlers and friends,

Following my first hundred days as the President of the International Dragon Boat Federation, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the progress we have made and share my vision for the future of our sport.

During these past 100 days, I have been actively engaging in various projects. I had the privilege of discussing an exciting dragon boat event in the Principauté de Monaco. Additionally, I recently travelled to China, visiting Beijing, Wenzhou, and Miluo, where we are preparing to host the 4th IDBF World Cup in October 2024.

Today, I find myself at SportAccord 2024 in Birmingham, UK, where representatives from 120 sport federations and organisations are gathering. Our sport’s delegation is embarking on the journey towards Olympic Recognition, with the ultimate goal of participating in the Olympic Games. The development of the relationships and the awareness of our sport is a key pillar in our strategic plan for our future.

Together with the IDBF Council, we have been addressing critical issues facing dragon boat racing. We have reviewed the IDBF Championships Organisers’ Handbook and established the President’s Coordinating Team. We have also sought the expertise of Mike Haslam, Mike Thomas, and Alan Van Caubergh to improve the organisation of our major events and the services we deliver to you.

As part of our ongoing efforts, I will be setting up working groups to review IDBF policies and ensure compliance with IOC requirements. The welfare of our paddlers and the fairness of our sport will remain our top priorities.

In addition to these initiatives, we will focus on fostering growth, supporting grassroots projects, and promoting sustainable development within dragon boat racing. Marketing and media strategies which will play a crucial role in highlighting dragon boat’s significance as a symbol of friendship and peace, particularly between China, Asia, and the wider global community.

I am pleased to share that our sport has gained significant media exposure during the Chinese Year of the Dragon. A program on CCTV1, in which our Founder Mike Haslam and I participated, showcased the continuous global development of dragon boating and reached millions of viewers. This exposure not only highlighted the cultural significance of our sport but also fostered international understanding , collaboration and cooperation.

Furthermore, the IDBF Council is committed to addressing environmental issues and the long term sustainability of our federation.

We will launch initiatives to combat climate change, preserve natural habitats, and advocate for renewable energy sources and reusable consumables.

I am also going to begin developing an inclusion framework to ensure every voice within our federation has a mechanisms to be heard and understood, in particular for our fundamental responsibility to safeguard the integrity of our athletes, officials and volunteers who we serve with a zero tolerance for all forms of abuse, to ensure that we maintain and develop our sports integrity for future generations.

While there is still much work to be done, I remain dedicated to serving the interests of dragon boat enthusiasts worldwide and shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for our sport.

Thank you for your unwavering support. Let us continue this journey together with determination and optimism.

Warm regards,

Claudio Schermi
President, International Dragon Boat Federation


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