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Aug 22, 2021

Tokyo 2020 Statement

NEWS RELEASE (#2021-06) | PDF version (227KB) – 22 August 2021

Whilst we all await the commencement of the Paralympic Games let us remember the magnificent achievement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. We were all able to observe in our homes all the events of the XXXII Olympiad and the achievements of the athletes. For the IDBF members, the beauty and the athleticism of the water sports contested in Tokyo on the Sea Forest Waterway were particularly inspiring.

The Olympic Games celebrate excellence, perseverance, and solidarity. As the founding governing body of a sport that is seeking recognition by the International Olympic Committee, we have provided Olympic level leadership to the development of Dragon Boat sport since 1991.We aspire to be part of the Olympic family. We will continue to build our sport and prove that we are the organisation to represent the millions of paddlers around the world to pursue their Olympic dreams.

There was a huge disappointment when unfortunately, we needed to cancel the 15th IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships due to be held in November in Hong Kong. It was particularly so sad that in the 30th year of the formation of the IDBF that we could not return to the birthplace of the modern sport of dragon boat racing to celebrate on the water all the amazing skills of teamwork that make our sport so exciting.Let us all meet again in Sarasota during 18-24 July 2022 for the next Club Crew World Championships, when we can once again celebrate the remarkable skills of the athletes and teams involved.

当我们正在等待残奥会开幕的同时,亦让我们回想起东京 2020 年奥运会的辉煌成就。我们都能够在家中观看到第三十二届奥林匹克运动会的所有赛事和运动员的成绩。而对IDBF成员来说,在美丽的东京海之森水上竞技埸进行的水上竞技和运动能力、尤其令人鼓舞。

奥运会颂扬卓越、坚持和团结。作为一项正在寻求国际奥委会认可的运动的创始管理机构,自1991 年以来,我们带领龙舟运动的发展至奥林匹克的级别。我们渴望能成为奥林匹克大家庭的一份子。我们将继续发展我们这项运动,并证明我们是代表世界各地数百万桨手追求奥林匹克梦想的组织。

我们极之失望、不幸的是我们不得不取消原定于今年11 月在香港举行的第 15 届 IDBF 世界龙舟锦标赛事。尤其遗憾的是,在IDBF成立的第30个年头,我们无法回到龙舟比赛运动现代化的发源地可以在水上庆祝我们这项如此令人兴奋、令人惊叹的团队合作技巧的运动。

让我们大家于 2022 年 7 月18 – 24日在萨拉索塔举行的下一届世界俱乐部锦标赛中再次相聚,届时我们可以再次分享运动员和团队展示的相关卓越技能。

Mike Thomas
IDBF President

International Dragon Boat Federation


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