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Dec 29, 2023

The IDBF Statutes and Bye-Laws have undergone a big transformation and refresh. Originally written 32 years ago, the Statutes and Bye-Laws have evolved over time with incremental adjustments which meant there were a number of contradictory statements. Back in 2022 a working group was established to develop a new set of Statutes and Bye-laws for IDBF that would:

  • align with good practice;
  • remove existing inconsistencies and anomalies;
  • improve clarity for those whose first language is not English; and
  • retain the current management and governance structures.

Other policies which the Executive Committee have been working on in readiness for the next round of the Olympic Recognition process include:

  • IDBF Table of Authorities
  • IDBF Travel Policy
  • IDBF Ethics Policy (update in progress)
  • IDBF Transgender Policy (in progress)

Currently in action is also a working group to review the 2000m racing rules and regulations and the points system for the Nations Cup.