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Jul 6, 2023

IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships 2023 Bulletin 3

BULLETIN NO.3 – Update – 6 July

Thank you for your patience whilst RCAT (Organising Committee) evaluated the weather conditions and reviewed logistical options and operations for the Championships.

Key update: the racing venue will now be at Mabprachan Reservoir.

More information including other key updates for Team Managers can be found in IDBF WDBRC 2023 Bulletin 3 – updated 6 July 2023.

The information in Bulletin No.3 is complementary to Bulletin No.1. The two Bulletins together serve as complete guidance.

This information of Bulletin No.3 provides updated information about the 16th IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships including IDBF registration fee, hotels, accommodations fee, ceremonies, etcetera that must be adhered to.

The IDBF and the Organising Committee for these Championships wish to thank all the participating countries for your patience with the delay in the distribution of Bulletin 3. IDBF has attempted to include as much information as possible in Bulletin 3, please take the time to read through the information in detail.

The Organising Committee has been on ‘weather watch’ for the last month and will make a final decision at the end of June as to whether the Venue for the Championships will need to be moved from the Royal ‘Thai Navy Rowing and Canoeing Training Centre’ to ‘Mabprachan Reservoir’ (the same venue used for the 2019 World Dragon Boat Racing Championships). The decision will be made due to the dropping water level at the Training Centre.

If the Championships Venue changes, this will also mean the location for the Opening Ceremony, Team Registration, Team Managers Meeting and Grade 1 IRO training will also change. IDBF will notify all participating countries as soon as possible after the 30th of June with any changes which will need to take place.

Moving Venues at the last minute is not an easy task and IDBF appreciates the massive effort the Organising Committee (Rowing and Canoe Association of Thailand) are committing to hosting another successful Championships.

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